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The One Who Wasn't There (2020/2021)
"The One Who Wasn't There" (2020/2021)

The film version of "The One Who Wasn't There" was due to be shot following its stage debut at the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Understandably, the Festival has been cancelled and this project delayed.

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Four Play: II (2019)
"Four Play: II" (Working Title, 2019)

Currently in pre-production, I will be collaborating once again with Sarah Kershaw on a follow-up to her 2017 festival favourite, "Four Play: Blue, Table, Water, Cello". This time, though, I will be shooting it.
Senorita Petita, Mr. Woo & His Book Full Of Wonders (2019)
"Senorita Petita, Mr. Woo & His Book Full Of Wonders" (2019)

A children's story initially written to be a "song" on a charity album, it is soon to become a short film.

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Hysterical (2018)
"Hysterical Sonnet" (Play On, 2018)

An homage to Clayton Cubbit's "Hysterical Literature" project, "Hysterical Sonnet" is a unique response to it. Once again, Sarah Kershaw was kind enough to ask me to do visual effects.
Four Play: Blue, Table, Water, Cello (2017)
"Four Play: Blue, Table, Water, Cello" (Play On, 2017)

Shot by Nicolas Laborie and starring Sarah Kershaw, I was fortunate enough to do visual effects work on this bold short film which premiered at the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society Festival (SECS Fest) and has since been screened at New York's Video Art and Experimental Film Festival.
COKI meets TRIXX - Celestial Horns (2017)
COKI meets TRIXX - "Celestial Horns" (Hofberg/Homefront, 2017)

Co-directed with my daughter Emma, this is a music video I made for COKI meets TRIXX, which also features Trixx's daughter, Caramel Soldier.

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Showreel: 2017
Showreel: 2017

My 2017 showreel.

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Subconscious (2015)
"Subconscious" (Lionsgate, 2015)

A feature film directed by Georgia Hilton, I worked on visual effects, and discovered the joys of telecommuting on an American production from the comfort of my English home! (UK Title: "Sea Wolf")
Grizzly - Old Pine (2013)
Grizzly - "Old Pine" (2013)

A sentimental favourite, as I made it for my eldest son's first band. It also features Patrick "Trixx" Anthony, for whom I made another video, "Celestial Horns". (For the record, this particular son - Mack - is a brilliant singer/songwriter. With very little encouragement, I am prepared to post his reviews..!)

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Michael Gove - A Look Back (2014)
"Michael Gove - A Look Back" (Blob Productions, 2014)

From Blob Productions, my activist alter ego, comes this truthful and therefore unflattering portrait of British politician Michael Gove, in the style of a Facebook video.

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Longing (2013)
"Longing" (2013)

A simple little film based on a sentence that popped into my head, which seemed both charming and true.

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