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Hurt Me (2021)
"Hurt Me" (2021)

More than a decade in the writing, "Hurt Me" is finally scheduled to be published in 2021. An excerpt was published in Erotic Review in 2012.

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The One Who Wasn't There (2020/2021)
"The One Who Wasn't There" (2020/2021)

"The One Who Wasn't There" was due to debut at the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Understandably, the Festival has been cancelled and this project delayed. It is, loosely, a sequel to "Hurt Me".

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The Man From Verona (1995)
"The Man From Verona" (1995/2020)

A black comedy. With the emphasis on black. And comedy.

"The Man From Verona" is a play, first performed Off-Off-Broadway (directed by me and produced by Stacey Haber) in 1995, and later performed in part at the Greenwich Theatre, London, in 2013. In 2019, it made its Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut and its West End debut at The Other Palace Theatre in 2020. Co-written with Stacey Haber.

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MWG (Working Title, 2018/2019)
"MWG" (Working Title, 2018/2019)

MWG is a feature film screenplay being written for three actresses. It is covered by non-disclosure, so I can't really say anything about it. But it's fun. I can say that. You'll like it!
Senorita Petita, Mr. Woo & His Book Full Of Wonders (1994/2019)
"Senorita Petita, Mr. Woo & His Book Full Of Wonders" (1994/2019)

Originally written in 1994 as a "song" for a charity album (which I narrated, accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack by Greg Hawkes), Petita endures, and is due to become a short film in 2019. And almost certainly a book. Co-written with Stacey Haber.

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